zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Wonderful ceramics by Nina!

I just had to share Nina! I discovered her through her interview on Etsy's frontpage, and went to check out her Etsy-shop & blog. And you know what! I totally love everything she makes!! I was very happy to discover she also sells some of her stuff in a shop not so far from where i live , which makes a good excuse to pay Ghent another visit :-)

Check these pics for some of her amazing work!

dinsdag 23 februari 2010

New and new and more new!

As much as i like brass, i've always loved the simplicity of a silver necklace. So i wanted to try and put together some pieces i'd wear myself... You can find the necklace with the key already in my Etsy shop!

zondag 14 februari 2010

Weekend rush..

Phew.. talking about a busy weekend! It's sunday evening & finally i've found the time to cuddle up in the sofa with my laptop. Not much time for new stuff but i managed to finish some earrings, pics will follow later. And i also had to wrap some things that have a long trip in front of them... Okay, time for a good cup of coffee now, and maybe some yummy cookies too :-)

donderdag 11 februari 2010

Full of hope..

Today this was the view when i looked outside! Yay! Finally some sun and a wonderful blue sky! I had to focus on the sky cause if i'd have captured some more on the pic you'd also see snow! But i need to concentrate on the sun :-) So i'm already happy with this weather, i feel like it's giving me an instant boost!

I took the time to snap some new jewelry, and post some already on my Etsy!

dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Spring! Where are you!!

I'm longing for spring so much! Can't wait to enjoy being outside again, feel the first sun shining on my face, take a long walk on beautiful days, wearing all the awesome new clothes that are out in the shops now,...

I made a necklace that has spring written all over it, and lots more colorful stuff is coming!

woensdag 3 februari 2010

It's raining cats & birds!

I warned you! I love animals, all sorts! But cats have always had a special place in my heart! I've had cats as pets for as long as i can remember, and at the moment i even have 4 of them!!
And the birds..well i always admired their skill to fly! Fly like a bird... i wish i could!

So ofcourse, animal-charms can be found in my jewelry too! There's the series of birdie-necklaces & recently i made some with cats.

Pics of the real life cats are for another post, but here are some of my Mi Joya-animals ;-)

maandag 1 februari 2010

And yay!!

Here it is! The official start of my blog being my first post :-) This is me, all in one pic: colorful, loving animals & mostly always happy and smiling! I'm sure you'll see a lot more of those things in the future... Not sure about myself, but animals, colors & happiness; you'll get all of those!
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