vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Happy mail

Lots of happy mail in my mailbox the last months! I found myself some new penpals through Instagram & Interpals. (website looks not that good, and lots of males who search for female attention but if you use the search-option and look for snailmail, you find what you search for)
Here are some outgoing letters to Interpal-friends.
 Incoming! Dear Claudia spoiled me with this beautiful stamp she carved herself. Her inspiration was one of the playing cards i sent her. Thank you so much! This is a gift i'll treasure for the rest of my life, yay for handmade gifts!!

What a lovely surprise to find this handwriting in my mailbox again!! It made me smile :)
I think everyone experiences what Lisa did, not feeling like writing for a while. I often have it with my blog, not finding the inspiration or right mood..
But look what she sent me! A little adventure to discover everything she added to the letter!
Love the creative idea!

This card came all the way from India, where Mina had a wonderful time!! Another super surprise in my mailbox!

And mail from Sara, Lisbon. I like the stamps!

That's enough mail for now.
I wish you all a sunny weekend, i feel a first bbq and mojito coming up!

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