donderdag 28 april 2011

About time

About time i add some new stuff in my shop!
My weeks have been filled with a busier-than-usual-working schedule so nothing much happened in my little shop. I'm still working on the owl-project, the garden needs attention now it's spring again & on top of that i made a lot of trips during my free time soooooo this bee was busy :-)
These earrings & bookmarks have been waiting to be pictured for a while, one pair of earrings didn't even make it to the shoot cause a friend bought them! But hey, here they finally are now!
Keep an eye on my shop, i'll add them soon! (so she said.....)

maandag 25 april 2011


Our little Marie got her surgery on friday (sterilization). But while the vet was operating she noticed something was wrong with Marie's stomach so she took care of that too, sooner or later she'd get troubles with it anyway. But that meant a bigger cut and also a bigger impact on the healing process. So our little Marie lies on our bed (i know.... not healthy, not hygienic... blah blah!! I love my pets too much!) since friday evening, and she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps some more! I can't wait till she makes her funny moves again cause i don't like seeing her like this. But she's been eating good so that's a good start....

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend! In Belgium it was a sunny one!!

zondag 17 april 2011

Quiet days

We're having Easter holidays in Belgium and whenever there are holidays my blog turns all quiet! I'm working lots of hours compared to schooldays so my computer is left unused most of the time. One more busy week to go and then it's back to normal again...
But first i'm enjoying a very lazy sunday, don't you just love those!!

Oh! And one of my necklace was featured in a treasury. You can find it here!

Mine is the "My honey touch necklace"....

Have a nice sunday!!

zondag 10 april 2011


While summerish weather was all around last week some days felt really cold. My uncle lost his painful battle against lungcancer on monday and bf's mom got her surgery for the breastcancer tuesday. Sometimes life just ain't fair.

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Retro finds

After a long winter and lots of indoor flea markets, it was such a pleasure to go to an open air flea market again!! I found some nice things but this post isn't about those. Some weeks ago there was a "retro day" in the local thriftstores, lots of visitors on a day like that, but i managed to find some treasures anyway!! (thanx to bf who helped spotting the interesting stuff!)

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