vrijdag 29 juni 2012

My feet in Madrid

Our citytrip to Madrid was super! I didn't really know what to expect cause i heard different opinions but the trip turned out to be a success.
All the beautiful buildings, nice neighbourhoods, lots of green in the city, very clean, lots of squares with cosy terraces & yummy sangria, all the tasty tapas, shops shops shops and ofcourse the beautiful weather!! I'm in for a trip to Madrid anytime :)
We ♥ Madrid!!

Oh and i discovered this shop we don't have in Belgium, 'Tiger'! There are a few in Holland i think and in Germany but none in Belgium.. In Madrid i counted 12 of them!! If only i could take one with me home :) All the cool stuff they have for cheap prices, i went nuts and would have bought everything if i could..

Tomorrow we're going to see Pearl Jam on a festival, very curious for that!
They were the first band i bought a cd of & i never got a chance to see them live.

Wishing you all a good weekend!


woensdag 20 juni 2012

Happy mail!

More happy mail! This blog seems to be a lot about mail lately but i'm enjoying the whole snail mail thing and that's what this blog is about afterall... the things i love!
So you can expect more blogposts with snail mail updates :)

Here's another one that made me truly happy, Barbara sent me some colorful dot-stickers, some fabric i really like, a postcard, seeds & woodens signs!

The seeds are already showing their little green heads outside, can't wait to see them grow bigger!
Thank you so much sweet Barbara!

A letter of mine arrived in France, see here.

And now i'm off to my bed, got an early plane to catch! On to Madrid :)

maandag 18 juni 2012


Finally some pics of our time in France! I've got so many i could show pics for weeks but here's a small selection.... The beautiful cat is one of the many cats that were hanging around our holidayhouse. I always feel more at home when there are cats around, cause i miss mine while i'm away! So we buy food in the shop to feed them and pretend they are ours :)

I'm behind in showing my mail here & also a bit in answering.. but i'm writing you all back, promise!! And Heidi, your letter arrived today! Thank you so much, enjoyed it!!

Anyone of you that has been in Madrid? Tips for places we should see for sure? Or secondhand shops, or fleamarkets, or nice places to eat/drink?

Have a nice start of the week!

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Vide grenier finds from France

Here are the treasures i found in France at the vide greniers. All for nice small prices, even the very old set with tarot cards from B.P. Grimaud! I looked it up and it's from 1890! We bought it for 50 cents, good catch!

. vintage pot, i put a plant in it & placed it outside
. the old tarot cards and 3 other sets, and that wooden mailbox! LOVE it!
. an old bingo game
. a wooden stack tower and 2 wooden pulltoys
. some childrens books, i already had the owl version of these
. pepper & salt, aren't these cuties?
. and a bunch of old postcards for my collection..

Already looking forward to more vide greniers in France, they're the best!

zondag 10 juni 2012

Snail mail!

Receiving mail from Lisa is always fun! We seem to have a lot in common, collect the same stuff and love to write :) When i got back from France a letter of her was waiting for me. My mom, who takes care of our cats while we're away, wondered from who those pretty enveloppes were... (she also empties our mailbox!)
Lisa spoiled me with some paper goodies, a pencil, a marker and a lovely pen! Can't have enough pens and pencils!
See the picture of the fern she included? That's one of my favourite plants in our garden!!
And Lisa wrote her letter on green paper cause that's my number 1 color :)

Dankjewel lieve Lisa, er komt spoedig weer iets jouw richting uit!!

Oh, don't forget to check Lisa's blog, she's having an awesome giveaway!!

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Snail mail!

Time for some more snail mail news! The last weeks my mailbox has been spoiled with beautiful enveloppes filled with little treasures!
A funny fact by the way! Every single one of them  contained little round stickers :) Which is great cause i love those ♥

First one is from Lies, the cute cat on the outside made me smile and my smile only came bigger when i saw what was inside! The stickers, paper goodies and not to forget the vintage children books are a  win! Thank you so much Lies!

I was very lucky to receive this enveloppe btw, cause it arrived at another house in my village! (while my address was all good!) The people where it arrived know my parents and recognized my name, so they contacted my dad to let them know about it.. luckily! Thank you honest people :)

Something else.. my poppy in the garden is blooming so pretty!!! Love the big flower, i'll show it soon!

zondag 3 juni 2012

My feet in France!

I decided to make a daily Instagram of my feet in France :) A reminder to the places we've visited and also easy to see what weather it was!

We had such a great time: saw lots of charming little villages, made nature walks, had breakfast outside, took care of the bunch of cats that were hanging around our holidayhouse (they were with 10! maybe even more...), went to 'vide greniers' or flea markets, enjoyed doing nothing on sunny terraces, did lots of swimming in the pool,...
I'll show you some pictures in another blogpost, after i decided which ones..all those pretty things in France, so many things to snap!

I received more lovely mail, more about that later! 

Enjoy your sunday evening!

Don't forget to visit emmel's blog, she's having another nice giveaway! 

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