maandag 29 oktober 2012

Happy mail and a new necklace

 Yesterday we had a nice sunny autumn day but today we're back to rain and grey skies, it's getting dark already at 4 in the afternoon... guess winter is coming!
Some weeks ago i received happy colorful mail from sweet Barbara! Always a little party in my mailbox :) Thank you!
And a new necklace in my shop...
Have a good monday!



dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Shop update

I know it has been quiet when it comes to me and my jewelry making..
During summerholidays my work seems to eat all my creative space in my head and creating jewelry isn't an option with an empty head!
After the busy times ideas start to pop up again, and everywhere i go i see things that are an inspiration. Isn't it weird how your mind sometimes is closed for inspiration? I really don't like it when my work does that to my mind!
Anyway, a lot of new necklaces, earrings and rings are ready to be photographed, so i'll be slowly adding them in my Etsy-shop.
Here's the first one already...

woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Home of the wooden people

When my friend and i are going to the thriftstore or fleamarkets, we're always searching for wooden people. (Old ones ofcourse :) ) They've become hard to find around here, or maybe we bought them all by now?? It's quite a happy moment when we do spot one!
I've got this bright green Ikea-cabinet where i put my best old finds in and i like seeing all the funny wooden figures in there, they always make me happy! And most of them do have a smiling face, maybe that's why they bring happiness?
Do you guys have a special collection that makes you happy?

Here's a glimp of my wooden family...


woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Rainy day

Today was one of those typical autumn days with rain, rain and even more rain!! And i got to walk the whole afternoon in it. I don't mind rain, sometimes i even like walking in the rain, but when you're soaking wet and your feet start to feel wet & cold the fun is kind of gone..
Every wednesday one of us at work has to walk the kids to the football, art academy, sport academy,... Mostly a fun task, and some quality time to have funny chats with the kids!
But today, all i could think of were my pyjamas and yummy freshly baked pancakes....
(which i didn't have sadly enough :( )

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