woensdag 31 maart 2010

Who doesn't love giveaways!!

Well i love them for sure and already took my chances but so can you!!
I "met" Talk2TheTrees while chatting with other Etsy sellers, immediately liked her style of taking snaps & all her sweet stuff she's selling in her Etsy shop! And her blog makes me dream away!! So today when i saw her blogpost about her doing a giveaway i was YAYing!! And, there's not only something to win from her shop but also fun sunglasses from Paola Loves To Shop!!

If you wanna go take your chances too, go to Rachael's blog now and read about it! All you have to do is leave her a comment telling what your fav color is! Easy huh!! And who knows... you might get rewarded for that!! Goodluck!!

zondag 28 maart 2010

Happy monday!!

Hmm.. that maybe sounds a bit too enthousiastic for a monday morning? I do hope you'll all have a happy start of the week!
I got a busy week scheduled so i thought i'd better update here now before i forget again & run out of time! I got new stuff ready to list in my Etsy-shop this week!! Yay! New necklaces are coming but also earrings & more of those colorful button-rings!! Soooo my friends, stay tuned & come back often to check what's new...
Here's a preview!

donderdag 25 maart 2010

More happiness in the mail!

I just can't help it... i love finding special mail in my mailbox! Afterall, we get enough boring mail like bills daily right?! So yes, i got lucky again!! The other week i entered Lizzy's giveaway.

She's one half of the "Vlijtige Liesjes", they make beautiful jewelry but also other stuff. And i got lucky!! I'm now the proud owner of these nice buttons, and Lizzy was so nice to include one of their postcards too.
But there was more!! A friend that lives in America knew we don't have Junior Mints around here. They look so yummy on the pics & he decided to sent some over so i could taste it myself.. The box had a rough time during the trip as you can see on the pic, but oh god! The Junior Mints taste like heaven! The mint is sooooooo good and leaves a fresh taste on your tongue!! MMmmm, i think i'll need more of these! ;-)

I've been busy the last days on lots of new rings & earrings!! And there are also new necklaces ready to be posted in my Etsy-shop!! Stay tuned!

vrijdag 19 maart 2010


I can't help it but i feel happy today!! It might have something to do with the weekend starting early.. I didn't have to go working today :-)
But also, the postman made me really happy this morning, cause i got 2 beautiful surprises in the mail!!
I subscribed for this fashion magazine & got this set as a present! I love the Rituals-products and am soooo happy with all this! Looks gorgeous too with the pink & brown!

The purse i ordered for the wedding of my friends, arrived too!! It's perfect! Matches with my outfit cause it's the same brand so same colors!

Then something totally different, one of my favorite plants in the house has been doing so great the last week! I gave her a bigger flowerpot and she's enjoying it! (for some reason i think she's female!!) And this morning i was so happy to see that there's a flower now, yay!! It's the first time i have a flower on this plant! And there are more to come...

I hope you'll all have an awesome weekend! And some more of that spring weather...

maandag 15 maart 2010

Finally i sense some spring in the air!

Oh yes!! Finally birdies are singing outside, sun is shining, flowers are starting to grow, cats are enjoying being lazy outside & the sky is as blue as i want it to be! I've always loved this time of the year when finally, after lots of rain & cold weather, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face... Yay!
It also means not much time for internet cause i want to enjoy it as long as it lasts!! But i have listed some new stuff in my little shop so go check now!

Have a good working week all of you!

zondag 7 maart 2010

Button mood!

I've been digging in my box of buttons the past days cause i wanted to make these colorful rings with a button & cabochon on it! These are the first ones but there will be more coming since i'm enjoying myself finding good combinations and making them.

maandag 1 maart 2010

Mother of a pearl.

Some time ago, while i was lost in Etsy looking for good supplies, this wonderful charm catched my eye! This is exactely the kind of thing i'm looking for & that makes me happy and excited if i found them. One is now hanging on my necklace and another on my friends :-)

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