vrijdag 19 maart 2010


I can't help it but i feel happy today!! It might have something to do with the weekend starting early.. I didn't have to go working today :-)
But also, the postman made me really happy this morning, cause i got 2 beautiful surprises in the mail!!
I subscribed for this fashion magazine & got this set as a present! I love the Rituals-products and am soooo happy with all this! Looks gorgeous too with the pink & brown!

The purse i ordered for the wedding of my friends, arrived too!! It's perfect! Matches with my outfit cause it's the same brand so same colors!

Then something totally different, one of my favorite plants in the house has been doing so great the last week! I gave her a bigger flowerpot and she's enjoying it! (for some reason i think she's female!!) And this morning i was so happy to see that there's a flower now, yay!! It's the first time i have a flower on this plant! And there are more to come...

I hope you'll all have an awesome weekend! And some more of that spring weather...

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