donderdag 25 maart 2010

More happiness in the mail!

I just can't help it... i love finding special mail in my mailbox! Afterall, we get enough boring mail like bills daily right?! So yes, i got lucky again!! The other week i entered Lizzy's giveaway.

She's one half of the "Vlijtige Liesjes", they make beautiful jewelry but also other stuff. And i got lucky!! I'm now the proud owner of these nice buttons, and Lizzy was so nice to include one of their postcards too.
But there was more!! A friend that lives in America knew we don't have Junior Mints around here. They look so yummy on the pics & he decided to sent some over so i could taste it myself.. The box had a rough time during the trip as you can see on the pic, but oh god! The Junior Mints taste like heaven! The mint is sooooooo good and leaves a fresh taste on your tongue!! MMmmm, i think i'll need more of these! ;-)

I've been busy the last days on lots of new rings & earrings!! And there are also new necklaces ready to be posted in my Etsy-shop!! Stay tuned!

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