dinsdag 27 april 2010

Color me up!

Lately i've been even more color-crazy than normal... maybe it's because wintertimes are finally gone & all the nice weather we've been having... i don't know! But i needed to share!
My knee is feeling better today, still can't bent much but i'm walking without crutches now!

Have a colorful day!!

1. Fushia Birds, 2. Handmade Brooch Bird pink fushia Flower, 3. Fushia & Blue, 4. Fushia

vrijdag 23 april 2010

I'll never forget this wedding!

Last saturday was an awesome day, filled with friends, family, music, tears in our eyes from joy, lovely weather,... all good things!!
My cousin got married with his girl, and they looked sooooo pretty!!

Too bad i missed the explosion on the dancefloor later that evening... i made an ugly fall earlier and my chair was my best friend the rest of the evening! It made me sad cause i've been looking forward to this party for so long and then all i could do was watch the others while they were having fun. In the mean while my knee wasn't getting better...
I've been walking around with crutches all week and resting lots, i've tried to go sit at my workingtable to get jewelry done but i just couldn't find a comfy position for my knee... so i gave up again. Maybe next week, let's hope so!

Have a great weekend my friends and pleaseeeee... watch your steps!!

Btw, the opening song was Elton John's "Your Song", goosebumps!!!

zaterdag 17 april 2010

My first Etsy Treasury!!

What an awesome way to start the weekend! This morning i received an email from the The Eye that she used one of my necklaces for her treasury!! This is the first time i made it to a treasury so i'm super happy about this!! You can check the treasury here!

I hope you'll all have a great weekend! I've got a wedding to go to today & the sun is shining so things are perfect... Holidays (=busy times at work) are over so next week i can concentrate on new jewelry again! YAY!

donderdag 8 april 2010

I'm living in a colorbook...

I love colors!!
They brighten up my days,
they cheer up my white walls,
they make my outfit look alive,
they make my life better!
This week has been good so far, busy at work, but the weather was great so i tried to enjoy the little time i had free. Ideal to snap some pictures of new jewelry, but also ideal to finally wear my flip flops again! Oh i have been looking forward to this moment so much!!
I also went shopping... and yes, i got colorful clothes, yellow, red, green... yay!

maandag 5 april 2010

Some quick love for all of you...

As for lots of other people my easter weekend has been busy so far! Going here & there, meeting up with friends, going on a bachelorparty, receiving yummy chocolate from my parents and ofcourse i had to taste that too.. so very busy indeed!

But, i needed to sneak in here for a fast blogpost to wish you guys a lovely easter too!! Hope every single one of you is enjoying this weekend, no matter what you're doing!

Take care!!

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