vrijdag 23 april 2010

I'll never forget this wedding!

Last saturday was an awesome day, filled with friends, family, music, tears in our eyes from joy, lovely weather,... all good things!!
My cousin got married with his girl, and they looked sooooo pretty!!

Too bad i missed the explosion on the dancefloor later that evening... i made an ugly fall earlier and my chair was my best friend the rest of the evening! It made me sad cause i've been looking forward to this party for so long and then all i could do was watch the others while they were having fun. In the mean while my knee wasn't getting better...
I've been walking around with crutches all week and resting lots, i've tried to go sit at my workingtable to get jewelry done but i just couldn't find a comfy position for my knee... so i gave up again. Maybe next week, let's hope so!

Have a great weekend my friends and pleaseeeee... watch your steps!!

Btw, the opening song was Elton John's "Your Song", goosebumps!!!

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Yes We Are Open zei

een mooie leuke foto met vliegende rijstkorrels:-)

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