vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Time out

Time to relax.
Time to enjoy the sun.
Time to swim all day long outside.
Time to eat heavenly french croissants.
Time to wear my flip flops & shorts.
Time to wear suncream.
Time to drink mojitos.
Time to not think about work or things to do.
Time to stare at the stars.
Time to go!!!!

See you all when we get back ;-)

donderdag 14 juli 2011

Happy gifts

I got these in the same week from 2 different friends, aren't they both cuties?
I had to storage my wooden dolls in a box for the time being, bf needed the space for his vinyl player, but slowly the new gained wooden dolls aren taking over again :-)
I feel a 'revenge of the wooden dolls' coming up!!

zondag 10 juli 2011


It was my brithday on friday!
Didn't have much time to think about it cause it was a busy workingday (did some jumping on the jumping castle though with the kids!!) and in the evening there was the weddingparty of one of my nieces.

But...i got to wear my pretty polkadots dress i gave myself for my bday ;-)

Bf gave me this beautiful ring i've been drooling on for a while now... It's not on my finger yet cause these rings are custom made, you can match & choose the colors yourself! It's an Elisa Lee creation, she's an artist who makes glass jewels... And now i'm counting the weeks till it's ready!!

maandag 4 juli 2011

Thrifty sunday

It was a good sunday on the local flea market!!

zondag 3 juli 2011


And the start of a busy working week, but also the last one before my holidays starts!! YAY!
Bf finally got his long expected Iphone which also means i can go wild with the Hipstamatic & Instagram app's now :-)

Have a nice working week!!

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