zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Wooden friends

They're on my desk everywhere, my wooden friends on pencils or pens! I love to have them around, they turn my desk into a happy space.
These pics are taken last year, i've got some new friends in the meanwhile. Will show them too in a later post.
I've been so absent in blogland lately, i try to follow all your blogs though and leave a comment here and there...and hopefully i'll soon find some more inspiration & time to blog more often again!!
Summer started already, so did the summerholiday since yesterday and we kicked off at work with a mudday!! Boy did i have fun with the kids :-)

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Fleamarket finds

I'm so happy the outside fleamarket season is here again, lots more good bargains to find and outside is just  more fun than the dusty often smelly inside locations..
These are some finds of last sunday, i'm so happy with the Pinokkio! Maybe you can't really tell from the picture but he's quite big, and i just love his long nose!
All the wooden puzzles pieces are ready to turn into magnets and ofcourse i had to buy these postcards :)

The book was a present from friends, it's full with nice DIY-ideas. 'Fabriek Romantiek' was originally a tv program i liked to watch.

Can you believe it's almost summer? I for one can't! It's almost my birthday again and i wonder where those last 12 months have gone to?? And on top of that it looks like autumn outside....

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