zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Wooden friends

They're on my desk everywhere, my wooden friends on pencils or pens! I love to have them around, they turn my desk into a happy space.
These pics are taken last year, i've got some new friends in the meanwhile. Will show them too in a later post.
I've been so absent in blogland lately, i try to follow all your blogs though and leave a comment here and there...and hopefully i'll soon find some more inspiration & time to blog more often again!!
Summer started already, so did the summerholiday since yesterday and we kicked off at work with a mudday!! Boy did i have fun with the kids :-)

3 opmerkingen:

Heidi. zei

So nice little wooden friends you've got there! And those paint brushes. Do you paint?I wish you a happy summer!

studio meez zei

Fijn gezelschap!

Anoniem zei

you have lovely wooden friends around!
wish you to enjoy your summer pause!

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