vrijdag 30 maart 2012

Happy things

One of my favourite things to do when i'm enjoying free time at home is keeping myself busy with everything and nothing :) There's no strategy at all in my activities, it goes from my desk to my workingcorner upstairs to outside and back to my desk again...
Some people get bored being at home, but i love it! I'm always short on time to do everything i want to! I could get used to being a housewife, would be one without kids then!

Here are some of the things that make me happy at home!

. The beautiful Studio Meez stickers
. A special Xmas-gift from my friend Cy
. Baby-toys = having Lowie with me
. My growing collection of coloured pants! Love them!
. A bowl filled with M&M's... yummy and pretty to look at..

Want to see more happiness at home? Chantal's house is filled with it too!

maandag 26 maart 2012

Happy mail

Some weeks ago, Lies & i decided to do a mail swap.
I like her blog, her cute drawings and she's also into old books & flea markets..
A nice lady was smiling to me on the enveloppe and the inside made me smile even more!
A little yellow bag, decorated with an illustration from an old book, same for the nice notebook! And the postcard is a fav! Handdrawn & a perfect match with my collection wooden dolls!
Thank you so much Lies, i'll be writing you back...
Oh and you can see here what i sent her!

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Paper love #2

Here's another beauty...
I love to spent time in the book department of thriftstores. Search for old books and then find one with a cover like this makes my day! I don't care what the story is about, if the cover looks nice it's a yes... I plan to read them all one day though.. (maybe when i'm old & grey?)

Heleen Van Ramshorst (also known as Heleen Callenbach) lived from 1894 till 1969 so i'm guessing this book is an oldie.. can't find a date in the book. It looks and smells old.
Beautiful cover & nice drawings inside...

Hope you'll all have a sunny wednesday, the sky is blue here and sun's shining!

zondag 18 maart 2012

Retro time!

I promised to show you my retro-day finds... here they are. I went to one of the local thriftstores, not so busy as the big retro-fair in Ghent but still, enough people to grab the nice stuff away in front of your eyes! Luckily there was lots this time and i managed to find these things.

A pile of pretty old cards, with animals, flowers, fishes,... I love these kind of old cards! A really cool english tray! It's a Worchester one, my third!

This old punch machine (is that the right word??), makes me think of 'Mad Men'! And old books to note what people order to drink in pubs.
These stamps! Love them... Some of the stamps i will keep as they are, but others can be used for newly made stamps. I like all the different wooden handles.
An unused tablecloth with pears!
Lovely bowl...

And bf scored lots of good vinyl!

There was more, but that's top secret 'till christmas! The person who will get it is reading this blog too so...

Have a good ending of the weekend my friends!

vrijdag 16 maart 2012

Happy mail!

I love to read all the snail mail blogposts on different blogs! So nice to see that lots of other people like to write and receive mail... I already loved to write letters when i was a kid and never stopped writing ever since. And thanks to all you lovely blogfriends my mailbox has many happy days!!

2 weeks ago Barbara surprised me with mail, always fun to receive unexpected mail!
She made this beautiful notebook, with all different papers in it, almost too nice to use...
And the illustration with the birdies, nice huh!
Thank you so much Barbara, i enjoyed the tea and will defenitely write you back...

And in the meanwhile, more lovely mail arrived, from Lies, will show you soon...
Dankjewel Lies, ik was heel aangenaam verrast :)

zondag 11 maart 2012

Beautiful day

What a beautiful day it was this sunday!
We had friends at our place last night and after a fun but short night bf and i could use some fresh air. So we drove to the sea!
It really felt like spring, we had lunch outside on a sunny terrace, made a long walk along the beach & chilled a bit in the dunes with our faces enjoying the sun! And now i've got red cheeks!
I hope there will be lots more of these sundays, batteries are loaded for a new workingweek.

Oh and saturday i went to the retro fair in one of the local thriftstores and found some nice things, i'll show them soon!

donderdag 8 maart 2012

Snail mail swap

Some weeks ago, Vibeke organised a snail mail swap. I had to sent something to Heidi from Finland (she doesn't have a blog) and she sent something to me.
I got this in the mail! Some handmade things and her favourite tea, which is also one of my favs!! I love vanilla.. Oh and the stamps on the enveloppe were so pretty! Thank you Heidi!
The 2 last pictures are with my enveloppe to her.

Today the sun is finally shining again! Instant good feeling! Although.. normally i was home today and had a shoppingdate planned with my bestie but someone got sick again at work sooooo bye bye shopping and good times! And haii work...Bah!

maandag 5 maart 2012

Shop news

On this rainy monday.. new items in my shop! More are coming...

'Liebster Blog'

Silke from Creative Rock Chick gave me this award on her blog!!
Thank you so much Silke, it's nice to hear people like my jewelry..

I won't pass the award on though, cause i've seen it on so many blogs already and i'm always a bit scared people will find it annoying if they're tagged once more...
And i'm a fan of so many blogs, all of you should get an award!

In the meanwhile it didn't stop raining here all day so far and it doesn't look like it's about to stop soon. What a grey day! Happy i don't have to go working today, i'm staying inside all day long!

zondag 4 maart 2012

Paper love #1

There are many things i collect, my grandpa did it and i got that same 'collecting-bug' too :)

Old postcards, wooden dolls, vintage toys,...but also: old children's books! I just can't resist all the beautiful covers!! There are stacks of them all around the house, they brighten up our interior with their colors. So i thought it would be nice to show some of my favourites...

And to start this series, here's my favourite of all.. cause i got it from a special friend. It first belonged to her and some months ago she gave it to me. We both have a thing with apples and since this book has the title 'My friend Apple' it's very suiting for us!

This book is like a treasure to me and will be cherised for as long as i live...

Oh and for anyone who's interested, the author of this book is Gabriel Chevallier.

donderdag 1 maart 2012

Shop news

Do you smell spring in the air? I do!
The birds sing about it every morning :)

So it's time for some spring-minded jewelry in my shop...

These earrings were made on request for a friend of mine...

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