zondag 4 maart 2012

Paper love #1

There are many things i collect, my grandpa did it and i got that same 'collecting-bug' too :)

Old postcards, wooden dolls, vintage toys,...but also: old children's books! I just can't resist all the beautiful covers!! There are stacks of them all around the house, they brighten up our interior with their colors. So i thought it would be nice to show some of my favourites...

And to start this series, here's my favourite of all.. cause i got it from a special friend. It first belonged to her and some months ago she gave it to me. We both have a thing with apples and since this book has the title 'My friend Apple' it's very suiting for us!

This book is like a treasure to me and will be cherised for as long as i live...

Oh and for anyone who's interested, the author of this book is Gabriel Chevallier.

3 opmerkingen:

**Chantal** zei

Dit fotootjes straalt zoveel gezelligheid uit. En de voorkant van het boek is echt een plaatje. Snap best dat je die verzamel 'tik' hebt hoor. :D
Fijne zondag nog!
Groetjes, Chantal

Deer Little Fawn zei

It looks like such a pretty book :)

Lisa zei

Hoe leuk! Jouw huis ligt waarschijnlijk vol schatten met al die verzamelwoedes : )

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