donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Somewhere in France...

... we're having the times of our lives!
Bf and i always said we wouldn't become those people who choose the same destination every year over and over again. But then we arrived here, fell in love and are here for the 5th summer now!
It feels like coming home, every year more and more! Bruno, the french owner , welcomes us with homegrown tomatoes and lets us enjoy our time here in quietness.
I think you could say we've lost our ♥'s here!!

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Beautiful gift + summer swap

. The beautiful gift i received from Lisa! I was the lucky winner of her giveaway, the tin box was filled to the top with all little it!!

. My summer swap arrived at Zenobie's a while ago! I'm still waiting for mine...
You can read more about this swap here.
(the summer swap-pics are Zenobie's!)

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

You've got mail!

As a teenager, writing & receiving postcards from holiday destinations was a must! I remember my mom was always surprised by the amount of postcards that arrived.
These days i still love to write & receive postcards, times have changed though, lots of people prefer to announce their destinations on the world wide web...
What a shame!
Luckily some people are just as old fashioned as myself, here are some pretty cards i found in my mailbox lately!!

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Vintage girls

Part 1 of my holidays are finished, i started working again on monday. I miss our lazy days and doing all the things we felt like... but in some weeks part 2 starts so we've got something to look forward to!
We're going to my beloved France again, can't wait!!

I've received some nice postcards in my mailbox recently and as a collector of postcards, they always bring a big smile on my face when i find them in my mailbox :)
I'll show them soon, which reminds me i still have to show some pics of the perfect tin box i won with Lisa's giveaway!! It was filled with little treasures, which i loved ♥

Still have to answer letters... Barbara, Claudia, Heidi, Lisa, Chantal, Mina... you're on my 'write back to'-list :-)

And then these super cute vintage girl heads!! Aren't they adorable?
I got them as a birthday gift from a friend! I love them. And now i have to find a good spot to hang them on the wall.. maybe next to the entrance door?

Have a good thursday!

donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Feeling green

We have been enjoying our garden the last weeks so much! Starting the day outside with breakfast & ending it in the evening with some chilling in our hammock..
And we get compagny a lot of times, by a bunch of chickens :)
They're free and walk around in our garden but also our neighbours garden. And they always make me happy, it must be a great feeling for them to be able to go everywhere they want!

Something else! Bo is having a fantastic giveaway!! You can win a set of her postcards, containing 31 cards! Isn't that awesome? I'm in for sure!
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