woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Vintage girls

Part 1 of my holidays are finished, i started working again on monday. I miss our lazy days and doing all the things we felt like... but in some weeks part 2 starts so we've got something to look forward to!
We're going to my beloved France again, can't wait!!

I've received some nice postcards in my mailbox recently and as a collector of postcards, they always bring a big smile on my face when i find them in my mailbox :)
I'll show them soon, which reminds me i still have to show some pics of the perfect tin box i won with Lisa's giveaway!! It was filled with little treasures, which i loved ♥

Still have to answer letters... Barbara, Claudia, Heidi, Lisa, Chantal, Mina... you're on my 'write back to'-list :-)

And then these super cute vintage girl heads!! Aren't they adorable?
I got them as a birthday gift from a friend! I love them. And now i have to find a good spot to hang them on the wall.. maybe next to the entrance door?

Have a good thursday!

7 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

it's good that there will be a part 2 :)
which also includes a trip to beautiful France!
such a lovely pair of vintage girls!
they will be great in the entrance since they are smiling!
they will welcome you & your visitors with their smile :)

Mars zei

Wat een leuk cadeau die hoofdjes! En toch ook weer lekker dat je nog weer naar vakantie kan uitkijken :)


Wat een lieve hoofdjes!!!
En heerlijk zeg nog een x op vakantie!!

Elisse zei

Mijn lijstje van mensen die ik nog moet terugschrijven wordt ook maar groter en groter. Ai ai ai! Fijn dat je binnen een paar weken alweer vakantie hebt :)

Heidi. zei

I got your postcard, thanks!
I'll be waiting for your letter, but take no pressure, I'll be busy at work since the summer holiday is now over... Oh, and can you find my newly started blog from my profile?! :)

**Chantal** zei

Super vooruitzicht zeg. Rijden jullie vanaf jullie woonplaats snel Frankrijk in?

Mooie koppies ook, goede vondst zeg. Had je mijn uiltje nog gezien op mijn blog?
Fijne week verder en het aftellen is voor jou weer begonnen, whoop whoop!! :D

Liefs X

**Chantal** zei

Ik ben zo into vondsten, maar bedoelde eigenlijk fijn kado.... *verslaafd aan kringloop shoppen is* :P Oepsie

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