maandag 23 december 2013

End of the year

Here it is again...the end of the year! The end of 2012 seems like yesterday to me...
Every year more and more, i'm surprised for how fast time goes!
Here in Belgium the weather brings no Christmas-feelings at all, it's too warm and it's dark, very windy and wet now and then... Luckily the christmastree, candles & fireplace are giving us a touch of winter-joy!
I wanted to wish all my blog readers lots of fun the coming days and ofcourse all the best for 2014!!
I'll do my best to post a bit more on my blog... shame on me for this year...
Here's a letter i wrote to Fiona and some Christmas pictures to end this year.
Have fun all of you and keep it safe!
See you next year :)


dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

More happy mail

Here's some more happy mail i received in october,
a letter from Heidi & one from Fiona!
Sometimes i wish writing letters is all i have to do in my life :)
Oh and ofcourse i should have to search for pretty stationary a lot then!!
But enough with that dream, back to the dishes!



woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Happy mail

Another letter of dear Claudia arrived, always a little party in my mailbox cause i love her illustrations and she spoiled me with some of her postcards, thank you!

Did you know today is Day Of The Post? We should all sent eachother more handwritten letters, they are still the best and have so much more personality than  internet mails!

Do you write letters?

vrijdag 27 september 2013


Our holiday in France was once again so great, every year i'm loving the place more and more..
We saw so many beautiful old villages, had the best weather ever and just enjoyed every single minute. Didn't they say pictures tell more than a thousand words?
I totally agree with that so here are some of our first week,
week 2 will follow later.
Oh, just one more thing, i'm in love with Roussillon, the red village!
I think i want to live there :)

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Summer vibes

Oh dear! What a busy summer...
I've been around, mostly very quiet while reading your blogs but not enough time to update my own blog...
I'll try to do better next month but first i'm off to enjoy some more summer vibes in la douce France!
Been waiting all summer for this :)
Hopefully your summer was a good one! Lots of good weather here, bbq's and mojito's with friends!
Enjoy while it lasts...


maandag 29 juli 2013


A quick Instagram-hello to keep this blog a little bit alive...
Bf & i are enjoying 2 weeks off work, no holiday trip this time but instead a lot of day trips in Belgium. And they are good fun as well, especially in this nice summer weather.
Flea markets are everywhere and i found some nice things, a lot of postcards and wooden figures for my collections!

Finally also some time to write back to some people who have been waiting for a while...
And more mail of mine arrived here and here.

From my full shopping bag on Etsy i managed to choose some new pretty tapes!
There's a mt tape expo in Singapore right now, wish i could attempt some of the workshops..
(and buy some more pretty tape ;-) )

I'm off again! Enjoying outside life some more...
Ohhh and some days ago, suddenly a cat appeared in our garden, friendly right from the start!
I think he's here to stay, he behaves like he has always been here and comes for cuddles all the time...
So we're back to 4 cats!

Have a wonderful week!

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Happy mail

A bit behind with showing my happy mail...
Some time ago i won a giveaway on Coco's blog! I received this beautiful handmade lunchbag, i love the yellow... And she was so kind to add a lot of seeds! Thank you so much Coco, i'm a big fan of handmade creativity, so you made me happy :)

Lisa went on a trip to Porto and sent me this postcard, love the explosion of colors!
Makes me want to leave right now... oh and look at the stamps, pretty cool huh?
I really think Belgium has boring stamps compared to other countries...

And i also received another letter from Heidi, she always uses pretty papers from magazines to make envelopes. Another pretty postcard to add to my collection, and yummy tea! Thank you Heidi!

It's my birthday on monday, but that's a busy workingday so instead we'll pretend it's my birthday this weekend :) And this afternoon i'm having a little birthday party with all 42 kids at my work!
Have a sunny weekend!

zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Wooden friends

They're on my desk everywhere, my wooden friends on pencils or pens! I love to have them around, they turn my desk into a happy space.
These pics are taken last year, i've got some new friends in the meanwhile. Will show them too in a later post.
I've been so absent in blogland lately, i try to follow all your blogs though and leave a comment here and there...and hopefully i'll soon find some more inspiration & time to blog more often again!!
Summer started already, so did the summerholiday since yesterday and we kicked off at work with a mudday!! Boy did i have fun with the kids :-)

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Fleamarket finds

I'm so happy the outside fleamarket season is here again, lots more good bargains to find and outside is just  more fun than the dusty often smelly inside locations..
These are some finds of last sunday, i'm so happy with the Pinokkio! Maybe you can't really tell from the picture but he's quite big, and i just love his long nose!
All the wooden puzzles pieces are ready to turn into magnets and ofcourse i had to buy these postcards :)

The book was a present from friends, it's full with nice DIY-ideas. 'Fabriek Romantiek' was originally a tv program i liked to watch.

Can you believe it's almost summer? I for one can't! It's almost my birthday again and i wonder where those last 12 months have gone to?? And on top of that it looks like autumn outside....

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