donderdag 29 november 2012

A little giveaway...

We're almost december, the biggest presents-month of the year, so i think that deserves a little giveaway!
I'm a fool for these wooden christmas decorations, i keep buying them in the thriftstore. Somehow these little dolls cheer me up and i get really excited if i find a special one.
I figured since i've got so many of them it would be nice to share some.
 Therefore a little giveaway!
You'll get the ones that are on the first 2 pictures but i'll add some more, let's say around 15 happy faces :)
Want to take a chance? Simply leave a comment, that's all!
I'll pick a winner on tuesday 11th of december...
* Edit: this giveaway is open for everyone! No matter where you live...


maandag 19 november 2012

Happy mail!

Some weeks ago i received lovely snail mail from Ruchama, she doesn't have a blog but writes all these beautiful letters to people. I'm following her on Instagram and it looks like letter-heaven :)
We met through Marlou's sticky stuff swap and since we both love to write letters we'll continue to do so! (she's 20 times faster than me though...)
Bf is coming home in a bit! Yay! I have to go working now unfortunately but will go home this evening with a big smile!
Have a good week!

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Thrifted treasures

Some months ago my friend and me had a saturday full of thrifting planned! In the morning we went to garage sales spread over a nearby village (we loved those garage sales!!), had lunch while we were driving cause there was no time to loose :) , and in the afternoon we visited some thriftstores and also a lady who sells all kind of old stuff in the barns behind her house. And those barns were filled up to the roof!! We went kind of crazy there...
Here are some treasures i found that day, oh and those wonderful tins? The lady of the barns gave them for free!! She obviously didn't know what they are worth :)
Have a good weekend all of you! Here it's kind of a lonely one.. bf is away with the guys for a weekend of gaming (playstation)! But the lonely ladies of the guys are going to cheer eachother up this evening, so yay!!


zondag 11 november 2012

Lovely walk in the forest

Today was a really nice sunday. It started with a relaxing morning at home, don't you just love those sunday mornings with a long breakfast and afterwards some hanging around doing everything and nothing.  And this morning, when i looked outside, the morning really had gold in the mouth as we say! The early sunlight gave all our trees this wonderful golden look. ♥
This afternoon we made a beautiful autumn walk with friends, with lots of laughter & talks.
We enjoyed all the magical colors and mushrooms and the smell of autumn...
Afterwards we had some deliscious pancakes and mint tea.

zondag 4 november 2012

A little trip

Totally out of the blue, bf and i decided to make a little trip on thursday and friday. We booked a hotel in Best, close to Eindhoven and the only thing we looked up were local thriftstores :)
We had fun, found good treasures in the thriftstores and look at the nice colorful chairs they have there! I also love all the wooden furniture they've made, like the table!
On friday we've visited Nijmegen, did some good shopping and threated ourselves with some deliscious pancakes... mmmmm!!
And ofcourse i visited the Tiger shop and left with a bag full of cute stuff  :)
I'm about to follow a course of patchwork with a friend, how exciting!! I already have some ideas of what i want to make...
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