zondag 27 januari 2013

Bits and pieces

° I tasted the best vegetarian burger ever! In our favourite dinnercafé!

° I started this 'One line a day' memory book. It seems like a great idea to me, i used to keep a diary as a teenager and filled page after page with all my adventures. Now there's only room for a few sentences, for the next 5 years... I bought mine here.

° I love breakfasts in the weekend!

° We went to see this movie yesterday. I felt a bit weird watching it cause in some months we'll be spending time on that same beach. We've been in that area before 2004 and it seems so unreal that nature can hit so many people in such an agressive way!

° I've added a new necklace in my little Etsy place..

Have a good week!

zaterdag 19 januari 2013

White weekend

Time to enjoy the weekend!
Time to enjoy a walk in the snow!
Time to enjoy the cosiness in our house!
Time to enjoy yummy food with friends!

But first, let's make a snowman!!

Wishing you a fun weekend!


woensdag 16 januari 2013

More happy mail!

Here's the rest of the happy mail that arrived in my mailbox in december.

Receiving letters from Lisa is always a pleasure, lots to discover and i like how we help eachother with our postcardcollection, she gives some to me, i sent her some in return.
Oh and i also love those short messages... about chocolates on sundays lots of years ago and the other about a coin that people in Japan give to eachother as a sign of friendship, thank you so much Lisa, i'll treasure it!

Evdokia her mail came as a total surprise! She won a giveaway on my blog last summer and now sent me something back. Finding mail you're not expecting is the best!! Ofcourse i'll write you back :)
(She's having a clearance sale in her Etsy-shop!)

And then this beautiful letter from Heidi in Finland! Letters from Heidi always have the most beautiful stamps on them! I'm also crazy about this enveloppe with the multicoloured socks :)
Cute teabags with Moonin's on them and a pretty selfmade christmascard!
Kiitos paljon Heidi! Iso hali! (does this make any sense? ;-) )

Hopefully 2013 will bring us all lots more happy mail!!

maandag 7 januari 2013

Happy swap!

Some weeks ago Bo mentioned she liked the wooden dolls i was giving away. We decided to do a swap and look at the pretty thingies i received from her :)

° i love cats
° i love handmade things
° i love postcards
° i love Bo's illustrations

That's 4 times a winner!!! Thank you so much Bo, i got these from the postman december 31st, what a great way to end the year!x


vrijdag 4 januari 2013

There we go again...

Ready for a new year!
Hopefully every single one of you started 2013 in a happy way!
We celebrated at home with friends and had a great time, good music, lots of yummy food and too much bubbles :)
On to a wonderful, creative and healthy 12 months!!

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