maandag 28 mei 2012

Back in town..

So bf and i are back from a wonderful holiday in la France, days flew by too quick and as always.. it felt as a sort of homecoming! I really think i lived in France in a previous life :)

We visited lots of charming small villages with the cutest houses, and i saw so many cats!! They were everywhere! And ofcourse i had to pet them all...
Our holidayhouse even had a whole cat-family nearby, i counted close to 10 cats!
Pictures will follow soon!

Thank you all for your kind words about my dad! We went to visit him first thing yesterday after we entered Belgium and i was surprised he looked so 'good' already! He was in lots of pain first days after his surgery. But all went well so i guess that kind of makes up for the pain...

And now i'm going to cuddle my cats some more :D

woensdag 16 mei 2012

Holiday vs real life

Bf & i will enjoy some time off in France, i've been looking forward to this trip and going back to what i call 'my second home'. Can't wait to wake up surrounded by mountain views...
It feels a bit weird though, my dad is having his surgery to take away a tumor in his prostate on monday so he'll be in hospital while we're away. It's anoying i can't go for a visit after his surgery but he convinced us we can't do a lot there anyway.
So we'll be keeping our thumbs up in France!

Take good care & see you when we get back!

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

From the thriftstore

My finds from a visit to the thriftstore last week .. it was quite a good catch! Some wooden dolls, 3 nice quartets, postcards, invitations, pencils and this beautiful vase with polkadots!
A perfect hunt at the thriftstore for me!

You can see me in the vase :-)

zondag 13 mei 2012

On this sunday

On this sunday,

. We went to a sunny fleamarket! Finally sunshine again, what a treat!
.  I enjoyed discovering what's in this bag full of beautiful greenish buttons i found in a thriftstore!
. It's my friend Cy's birthday! Hurray!

Hope you all had a good one...

maandag 7 mei 2012

Tulips on monday

And then we're monday again...
Still a little tired of the weekend, we had a tiny party saturdaynight and well.. thirtysomethings have to recover a bit longer ;-)
Weather hasn't changed a lot, it's too cold for may and we've had enough rain for the rest of 2012 if you ask me. I'm hoping for a sunny day next sunday cause i've got some fleamarkets scheduled which i'm looking forward to!

Luckily there are always flowers to brighten up our home & pretend spring is here!

Have a good week :)

donderdag 3 mei 2012

The Blue Rabbit House

I've been a fan of Eva's work since i started following her blog. A bit later i was so lucky to receive these beautiful coasters of her during the Autumn gift swap, so wellmade, i still love the leaves sewed on the coasters!
Some time ago i saw this crochet hook holder on her blog and contacted her, Eva was so nice to make another one for me. It looks even better in real life, love the colors and the patterns she combined! Now i can take my crochet hooks wherever i'm going..

If you didn't check her shop yet, do so now, it's worth the visit!

Lowie is lots better and left the hospital on monday! :)

Don't forget to enter Emmel's giveaway... you can win one of her own paintings!

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