donderdag 29 september 2011

Lucky day

Remember a while ago... i told you bf gave me this pretty Glasjuweel-ring as a present for my birthday? Well, ofcourse i had to snap some pictures of it! And than it was only a small step to enter the contest the designer had this summer: "post your Glasjuweel-jewelry-picture on our website".
The contest finished last week and i got all excited about it till last friday... when i saw my name appearing on her facebook as a winner!!!! YAY!! And now i get to choose another piece of jewelry... Isn't that great?
She has so many colors to combine.. i still don't know which ones to choose but when i do, i'll show it here for sure!

Have a wonderful sunny thursday!

maandag 26 september 2011

Lovely weekend

Now that summer is over and autumn's here we finally have nice weather again!! We didn't get this much sun during summer! What a strange world... And there's more to come this week i heard... Yay!
Bf & i enjoyed it all weekend, it almost felt like holiday again.

Oh.. and about holidays... i'm looking forward to Taba, Lisboa & Budapest! Budapest will be my first time there so i'm pretty excited about that. Especially the hot springs with thermal pools caught my attention...

dinsdag 20 september 2011

Welcome home!

Today this cutie went home with his mom, to the rest of his family!
Ready to explore the real world...
Welcome home little Lowie!

zaterdag 17 september 2011

My cup of saturday

This is one of my favourite mugs! I love the colors of the Villeroy and Boch 'Acapulco' serie, and it has cute birds on it... Always a happy moment when i find a piece of this set!!

Although this is a rainy day (yes.. another rainy day!), good vibes are still all around after Lowie's birth on thursday! I went on a visit twice yesterday and ohhhhh he's such a cutie!
Can't wait to see him again tomorrow! Being his godmother is great! :)

donderdag 15 september 2011


And finally little Lowie is born! 2 days late & after a long 24 hours of pain for my friend Cy...
I got a phonecall when cy arrived in her room and heard little Lowie babbling!! Soooo cute!!
And what a relief to finally hear my friend on the phone after a stressy day full of waiting.
Ofcourse my eyes didn't stay dry...
Welcome sweet Lowie, can't wait to cuddle! ♥

maandag 12 september 2011

Happy mail

Mina & myself, we've got this weird habit of sending eachother xmas-parcels in the middle of the year! It's becoming quite a habit and i think it would be so weird if presents actually arrived on time for once :)
So last week i celebrated a bit of xmas after the postman surprised me with this box, decorated with a cloud and birds... i mmediately knew where that box came from!
What was inside made me so happy, the beautiful gifts and a letter to guide me through them...
Oh how i will enjoy the chocolate, the beautiful music, another cute little doll and this amazing selfmade bag!!! It's so wellmade i'm afraid to use it... and totally my style! Think polkadots & russian dolls!! Yay!
Parcels like these brighten up my day & now it's my turn cause Mina's still waiting for her xmas-gifts... Oh my!

And what an exciting day this is.... we're september the 13th!! Today is THE day my friend Cy is supposed to give birth to Boelie Woelie!! I've been running around like a crazy one since yesterday cause i'm really nervous now in her place!
Auntie Vie is waiting!! Hurry little one :)

zaterdag 10 september 2011

My cup of saturday

No mug filled with hot coffee this saturday but a happy yellow one that i'm using for my pens on my desk. It was a gift from my friend Cy, one from the many vintage xmas-gifts!!
The mug is marked "Waechtersbach", from W-Germany.
I found another one recently, that goes really well with this one even if they're not from the same brand. But that's for another saturday!!

vrijdag 9 september 2011


Blogger stop playing with my feet!

* Edit... since i downloaded a new windows version i couldn't click 'publish' anymore... thank god for google!! :-)

Btw, that's my Milo on the pic! She loves to sit in boxes!

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Love is....

lots of things!!!

Have a happy & sunny weekend!

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