maandag 12 september 2011

Happy mail

Mina & myself, we've got this weird habit of sending eachother xmas-parcels in the middle of the year! It's becoming quite a habit and i think it would be so weird if presents actually arrived on time for once :)
So last week i celebrated a bit of xmas after the postman surprised me with this box, decorated with a cloud and birds... i mmediately knew where that box came from!
What was inside made me so happy, the beautiful gifts and a letter to guide me through them...
Oh how i will enjoy the chocolate, the beautiful music, another cute little doll and this amazing selfmade bag!!! It's so wellmade i'm afraid to use it... and totally my style! Think polkadots & russian dolls!! Yay!
Parcels like these brighten up my day & now it's my turn cause Mina's still waiting for her xmas-gifts... Oh my!

And what an exciting day this is.... we're september the 13th!! Today is THE day my friend Cy is supposed to give birth to Boelie Woelie!! I've been running around like a crazy one since yesterday cause i'm really nervous now in her place!
Auntie Vie is waiting!! Hurry little one :)

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