donderdag 23 februari 2012

Happy mail

One of the best moments of my day... emptying my mailbox! (well... not if there are bills in it ofcourse!) But finding colorful, creative enveloppes or nice postcards: i love it!

Last week i got lucky once more, Lisa spoiled me with another enveloppe filled with more yummy tea, a letter, more postcards for my growing collection & this supercool wooden pull doll! She saw me blogging about one of mine... How sweet! Many thanks Lisa!! My turn again :)

This week more happy mail was waiting for me! Vibeke organised a snail mail swap & i received happy mail from Heidi in Finland! I'll tell you more about it later...

donderdag 16 februari 2012

Words for strangers

A while ago i was reading about 'Words for strangers' on Hermine's blog.
Hermine lives in Ghent & loves to surprise strangers with little notes on their bikes. She started doing this alone but now this has turned into a project that's part of an exhibition about letters!
She asked people to help spread her notes all around the world... i love this project so much so i asked if i could join & Hermine sent me notes so i can spread some too!
You can read and see more about Words for strangers on this blog.
Wouldn't it be great to find one of these on your bike?

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Eatable love

Bf & i aren't really into all the Valentine-fuss... we prefer to spread the love all year long!
But today just before he came home for lunch i had this idea ... bf happy :)
Also today, a lovely surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox! Lisa, thank you so much!! I love my mail! Pictures will follow soon...
I'm wishing you all a cosy tuesday evening!

donderdag 9 februari 2012

Little hero Lowie!

Here's Lowie! The cutiepie from whom i'm the proud godmother!
He's almost 5 months now and has grown & changed every time i see him!
One thing's for sure: he'll break the hearts of many girls with those gorgeous eyes of him...

zondag 5 februari 2012

Thrift finds

I'm a regular visitor of the local thriftstores, it's rare that i come home empty handed and sometimes i find really nice things! Like this teapot! I was so excited to find it, i collect them and i love polkadots soooo this got to be one of my favourites now!! The little stool had to come with me too, one can never have enough seats, right?
And something else i can't resist are pull dolls!! Especially if they're only 50 cents!

The books... i'll show you more of them later, i've got a lot of new ones, mostly children's books with beautiful covers..

But right now, i have to go eat some bananacake, i baked it this morning and now it's ready to attack! Mmmmm! Enjoy your sundays!

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