zaterdag 23 februari 2013

A light

Dear Heidi, this one's for you.
Today must be so hard, i'm thinking of you!


donderdag 21 februari 2013

About a handmade gift

In the beginning of 2012 i felt like picking up crocheting again, i loved to crochet when i was a kid, they teached us in primary school!
I wanted to make a plaid with lots of beautiful colors...
And as my friend and i planned to give eachother handmade gifts with christmas '12 i decided this would be a gift for her.
I worked on it all year long, once you've started not difficult at all. Working on it always made me feel relaxed!
Some days before our presents-swap i gave it the finishing touch and here it finally is,
keeping my friend warm during these cold winter days!
(oh and i've already started a new one! I missed working on it...)


maandag 11 februari 2013


The past weekend was a cold but a good one!
A pleasant night out with friends, some household chores that also must be done, a sunny (freezing) sunday at the beach and ofcourse yummy pancakes!
This morning we woke up in a white landscape again, guess we'll have to be patient for some spring fever!
Have a good week! Here it's carnaval holidays..

maandag 4 februari 2013

Liebster award

picture taken in Barcelona
Dear Evdokia was so sweet to give me the liebster award, thank you thank you! :)
I will post the 11 random things about me and answer Evdokia's 11 questions but won't pass it on cause so many of my blogfriends received it before and i don't want to be a pain in the ass!
And every single one of you deserves this award!

Here we go!

e l e v e n f a c t s / r a n d o m t h i n g s

1. I'm a big cat-friend and have 3 of them: Milo, Fikke & Marie. They are really important in my life..a bit like best friends we are!
2. As a kid i loved to play with cars and make roads in the earth between the plants. I had 2 girls and 2 boys living next door and preferred the boys to play with! Much cooler!
3. I can't resist chocolate, and marsipan!
4. I love to be creative, i hope this will last till i'm old..
5. I enjoy feeling the sunbeams on my face so much, especially the first ones of the year after long winters.
6. Spiders don't scare me!
7. I'm a fool for postcards, every shop i see with postcards has to be visited!
8. I love to have conversations with the kids at work, they tell the funniest stories :)
9. I want to live in France one day.
10. I enjoy nightswimming during warm summers.
11. I sleep with my socks on most of the time!

e l e v e n q u e s t i o n s f r o m e v d o k i a:

1. day or night?

2. the song that makes you feel good.

3. big city or small town?

4. if you could choose your name which one would it be?

5. your favorite animal?

6. round, triangle or square?

7. which was the last movie you saw?

8. your favorite smell.

9. a cup of tea or a cup of coffee?

10. first thing to do in the morning.

11. first thought comes to your head.

1. Hmm daytime! Cause i love sunsets and sunrises!
2. I always feel like jumping around when 'You get what you want' from the New Radicals plays on the radio! Instant good feeling!
3. Small town!!
4. Euhmm maybe i could be a 'Julliette'? French names sound cute!
5. Cats ofcourse!!
6. I've always liked dots but triangles are good too.
7. The last movie i saw was 'les pieds nus sur les limaces' & i liked it!!
8. There are many smells i like but if i have to pick one it's lavender cause it reminds me so much to great holidays in France...
9. A good cup of coffee!
10. Hear the purr of my cat Milo who sleeps next to me.
11. What to wear!!

That's it! Have a good week!

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