donderdag 21 februari 2013

About a handmade gift

In the beginning of 2012 i felt like picking up crocheting again, i loved to crochet when i was a kid, they teached us in primary school!
I wanted to make a plaid with lots of beautiful colors...
And as my friend and i planned to give eachother handmade gifts with christmas '12 i decided this would be a gift for her.
I worked on it all year long, once you've started not difficult at all. Working on it always made me feel relaxed!
Some days before our presents-swap i gave it the finishing touch and here it finally is,
keeping my friend warm during these cold winter days!
(oh and i've already started a new one! I missed working on it...)


14 opmerkingen:

Heidi. zei

Oh, it's beautiful! Lovely colours! One lucky friend :)

Alicia zei

!!!Pretty one!

wide-eyed-tree zei

Your friend must be very very happy! It's so nice to think that you worked a whole year on it bit by bit!

emmel-prutsemieke zei


Anoniem zei

it's amazing sylvie!
your friend is very lucky
i must say! : )
beautiful colors
to keep you warm!

Mars zei

Dat is een mooi plaid geworden!! Ziet er echt heel netjes uit ook, super!

Lisa zei

Wow, goed gedaan!

**Chantal** Forms and Finds zei

Wauw, wat een mazzelaar die vriendin van jou! Dat heb je echt super mooi gemaakt! :)

Anikó zei

Beautiful colours! lucky lucky friend!

Lois zei

Great end result - you must be proud. You have a lucky friend. What did they make you?

Anoniem zei

yes indeed i'm verrrrrry lucky !specially in these cold days a little piece of my buddy keeps me warm! i <3 it!!! it's something to hold one for the rest of my life!

Mdmslle. zei

This is really beautiful!!!

Lorecreatief zei

Prachtig gemaakt!

Juultje zei

wauw mooi zeg!! en wat een werk, blijft ie wel mooi vierkant?

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