maandag 27 januari 2014

Happy mail

December was a happy mail month, all the christmas cards that arrived!
Did you survive all the parties, eating and good wishes?
Now we're january again (almost finished btw! Help!! Where did that first month go to??) and we're back to normal letter writing. My fingers have been itching to write letters for weeks now, i even searched for some new pen pals! So many stationary that's waiting to be used in my desk..

Here are some of the letters that arrived (sorry for the crappy phone-pictures):

From dear Barbara! Happy to hear all is good with you!
From Heidi, always a pleasure to receive those nice envelopes!
All the way from Malaysia.. a big, fun parcel from Fiona!

And these went out:

Knitting patterns for Lisa

Vintage playing cards for Claudia
Happy letterwriting!
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