vrijdag 26 april 2013


* Do you enjoy all the fresh green in the garden? I know i do!! I really feel happy watching all the plants and flowers in our garden. Everywhere you look a new surprise!

* Mail of mine arrived here

* My patchwork chicken is finally finished! Happy with the result, but i think i want to try make another one with fabric i choose this time :) Lots of work, but most of it i really enjoyed.
In the meanwhile the chicken in our garden is still sitting patiently on her (20!!!) eggs...

* My friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a very pretty name: Ella! What a cutie :)

* Time to do some more packing now, almost up in the air!  Have a good weekend!


vrijdag 19 april 2013

Happy mail

My poor blog has been neglected a lot lately, april is such a busy month so far.
The Easter holiday was very busy at work, my mom was in hospital 2 times (the second time unexpected, there were complications after her surgery so she needed another surgery.. she's geting better now!) and i didn't feel good myself. Suffered a week from this bad headache which made me feel sick and moody..

Luckily there's the postman who puts a smile on my face from time to time!
Here are two happy snailmail surprises, the first from Ruchama and the other one from dear Barbara!

Ruchama doesn't have a blog, i think i mentioned that before, but she did start a blog about snailmail with some of her penpals! It's written in dutch but maybe the others can look at the pictures? You can find the 'Postfabriek' here! i admire Ruchama's envelope-making-skills! She always manages to make beautiful envelopes with gorgeous illustrations, receiving mail from her is an honor!

Barbara is enjoying a holiday in Thailand right now, i had to laugh when i heard she planned a trip there! Her Thailand-time is almost finished and then it's my turn :)
She spoiled me with some beautiful postcards, washi tape & other happy surprises! Thank you lots!

vrijdag 5 april 2013

Easter weekend

. Bf & i enjoyed an outside weekend, sunday a long walk through fields and woods. We came along this cute abandoned house and also saw the most adorable donkeys!
On monday we combined a fleamarket (yes! outside! finally!) and a walk through the dunes. We also visited Fort Napoléon in Ostend, a nice spot. We saw rabbits around the fort!! Easter rabbits? :)

. And that chicken.. well, i found her in our garden in a little stone house, that's been used by hedgehogs in the past. Guess we'll have some more chickens soon!

. Having busy times at work but i'm counting the days till our trip to Thailand! Only 3 weeks left now.. in the mean while Barbara is enjoying it there!

. Have a good weekend!

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