vrijdag 26 april 2013


* Do you enjoy all the fresh green in the garden? I know i do!! I really feel happy watching all the plants and flowers in our garden. Everywhere you look a new surprise!

* Mail of mine arrived here

* My patchwork chicken is finally finished! Happy with the result, but i think i want to try make another one with fabric i choose this time :) Lots of work, but most of it i really enjoyed.
In the meanwhile the chicken in our garden is still sitting patiently on her (20!!!) eggs...

* My friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a very pretty name: Ella! What a cutie :)

* Time to do some more packing now, almost up in the air!  Have a good weekend!


9 opmerkingen:

Lisa zei

Hopelijk zijn er dan 20 kleine kuikens als je terugkomt :) Fijne reis Sylvie!

Anoniem zei

so much green!-
your patchwork chicken is lovely!-
and... 20 eggs?
20 little yellow balls!

kisses sylvie!
have a beautiful weekend!

Mdmslle. zei

Enjoy your time in the East! I wish I could have stayed there longer, its just paradise!

Alicia zei

this is a nice one!

wideeyedtree zei

Lovely greens! I wish you all the best for your trip!

**Chantal** Forms and Finds zei

Hee thanks voor je berichtje van zo ver weg!! Hoe gaat ie daar? Hoe was de reis? Jullie zijn vast lekker aan het genieten! Ga daar lekker mee door, doe het fijn rustig aan en tot snel maar weer!

p.s.: Wat fijn dat je het dochtertje van je vriendin nog heb kunnen zien! :)


coco zei

hello mi joya
please come see my recent post

Lemonstale zei

Ja al dat groen doet goed hè? Nu nog een beetje zon ;) 20? Wow!

coco zei

thank you for letting me know. glad you like it.

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