maandag 30 juli 2012

About a late christmas gift...

Who needs christmasgifts in december if you can get one in the middle of summer?
It's something Mina & i agree on, it's christmas all year long! Haha :)
So last week i felt a bit in a christmasmood when i received her parcel from the mailman!
A beautiful box with an owl pattern filled with yummy chocolate, the little ones i don't dare to eat yet, they're so beautiful in their lovely papers...
Mina also made me some lavender sachets in her enveloppe design! I really like those, and they smell so good, a bit of the Provence in my closet!
And then there was also the gorgeous scarf boyfriend gave me for my birthday! It's made by Mina, and i absolutely love it! The fabric, the print, the way it's made... a bit of Mina with me everywhere i go :-)
Check out her shop for more nice handmade beauties!

And ofcourse there was a letter, a long letter! I enjoyed reading it with a good cup of tea. And now i better get my christmas parcel ready...

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Sunny days

A quick hello to all my blogfriends, i hope everyone is having the same beautiful weather as we're having this week! Breakfast outside, cycling, good times with friends, catch up on my pile of magazines, flea markets, icecreams, mojito's & sangria's, long evenings outside... ohhh holidays are so nice!
I could get used to living like this ;-)

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Paper Love #4

It's been a while... but here's another paper love!
It started with one book from a fleamarket but now i have collected many already.
I love Alain Grée's style so much, i can't resist his books.
They are like a magnet when i spot them...
Colorful, cute drawings & an instant nostalgic feeling :-)

Only 2 workingdays left & then it's time to relax and enjoy free time!

maandag 16 juli 2012

We have a winner!

A day too late... i know! But we had friends visiting us yesterday and suddenly it was bedtime already! But here i am now!

Number 14 is the lucky one!! And that is Evdokia Tsiligiridou !! Yay!
Congratulations Evdokia! You can mail me at to let me know where to send the parrot :)

To all the others, thank you for playing!

zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Last chance giveaway!

I'm picking a winner tomorrow for this necklace, so now's the time to take a chance!

Yesterday, Lisa's giveaway arrived! Oh what a pleasure :) A lovely box filled with nice surprises and another letter. A peaceful moment in my otherwise very busy day.. I'll show you more later!
Thank you dear Lisa!

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Sneak peek 'Handmade summer gift swap'

My handmade summer gift is ready to send! If you want to know more about this gift swap, you can read it here!
It's been quiet the last week, Claudia blogged about her handmade gift but none of them arrived yet i think... I can't wait to see them popping up on blogs!

Still some time to enter the parrot-necklace-giveaway....

woensdag 11 juli 2012

In the meanwhile..

Here's a quick blogpost! Another busy workingweek leaves almost no time for my friend the laptop!
This week i feel like i'm running past myself. So much to do, so little time!

Thanx for the birthdaywishes, i enjoyed my weekend :)
And this lady probably gave me the most special present by writing this post for me!  ♥
Those beautiful words really touched me, thank you my friend!

You can still enter my giveaway!!  I'll announce the winner sunday..

Mail of me arrived at Lisa's, check the letters-link.

And to keep the sunny holiday spirit alive, here are some Instagram shots taken in  Madrid!

donderdag 5 juli 2012

Happy maildays!

This week has been so busy at work! Holidays are often very stressful where i work, and i always have to adjust to working lots more. (normally i work parttime but during holidays it's a fulltime job)
Not much time to browse blogs or spent time on the computer these days...
But i wanted to share some more happy mail i received lately,
first one came from Claudia, and i loved it! What a pretty stitched enveloppe!
And that picture of her painted flower pots, so nice :)

The other one came from Chantal, and she included one of her selfmade stamps. I really like the tree, we both like trees & owls! My first letter to Chantal dissapeared in the mail-world so i'm hoping my second attempt will arrive at her doorstep! Thumbs up..

And the third picture is my letter to Heidi... the girl without blog!

More mail of me arrived here and here !!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Birthday giveaway!

It's been a while since i did a giveaway so about time for a new one don't you think!
Sunday july 8th is my birthday so that makes a good occasion to spoil one of you with one of my necklaces...
In Madrid i found this cute shop full with wooden beads & wooden charms, it was like a candyshop! Couldn't resist and wanted to take the whole shop home with me :)
Especially the parrots were all so cute, so i bought some.

The winner will receive this antique brass necklace with a wooden blue parrot on it.
If you're in for this, just leave a comment! That's all it takes! Ofcourse you can share this giveaway on your blog but that's up to you.
I'll announce the winner on sunday the 15th of july, thumbs up for everyone!

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