woensdag 7 mei 2014

Happy mail!

Last month i was happily surprised seeing this parcel arrive at my place! Without seeing any name or handwriting i can tell exactely from who these little hearts come..
My dearest friend Dörte!!
She spoiled me with things i really love, such as the dotted wrapping paper, yummy selfmade cookies, stickers, some tea with chocolate and above all the old wooden dolls!!
They are so pretty and fit perfectly with the rest of my collection,
thank you so much my friend!  <333 


And more surprise mail arrived!! The lovely Evdokia sent me cute Easter mail! I love finding unexpected mail, it makes me smile for the rest of the day :)
That cat book magnet is so nice, it will travel with me everywhere to remind me on what page i was reading! Thank you!

Have a nice wednesday everyone, maybe something is waiting in your mailbox too??

vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Happy mail

Lots of happy mail in my mailbox the last months! I found myself some new penpals through Instagram & Interpals. (website looks not that good, and lots of males who search for female attention but if you use the search-option and look for snailmail, you find what you search for)
Here are some outgoing letters to Interpal-friends.
 Incoming! Dear Claudia spoiled me with this beautiful stamp she carved herself. Her inspiration was one of the playing cards i sent her. Thank you so much! This is a gift i'll treasure for the rest of my life, yay for handmade gifts!!

What a lovely surprise to find this handwriting in my mailbox again!! It made me smile :)
I think everyone experiences what Lisa did, not feeling like writing for a while. I often have it with my blog, not finding the inspiration or right mood..
But look what she sent me! A little adventure to discover everything she added to the letter!
Love the creative idea!

This card came all the way from India, where Mina had a wonderful time!! Another super surprise in my mailbox!

And mail from Sara, Lisbon. I like the stamps!

That's enough mail for now.
I wish you all a sunny weekend, i feel a first bbq and mojito coming up!

maandag 10 februari 2014

The cabinet

My cabinet, also known as my happy corner in the house, is filled with vintage treasures. Actually, they're treasures to me, some might only see them as old silly toys..
My bf calls it an organised mess :)
Guess you can say it's a bit of a mess in the cabinet and i really should re-organise everything and maybe leave some of the things out of it, but help!! I'm so bad at throwing things away.
I think i'll keep the organised mess for a bit longer!

maandag 27 januari 2014

Happy mail

December was a happy mail month, all the christmas cards that arrived!
Did you survive all the parties, eating and good wishes?
Now we're january again (almost finished btw! Help!! Where did that first month go to??) and we're back to normal letter writing. My fingers have been itching to write letters for weeks now, i even searched for some new pen pals! So many stationary that's waiting to be used in my desk..

Here are some of the letters that arrived (sorry for the crappy phone-pictures):

From dear Barbara! Happy to hear all is good with you!
From Heidi, always a pleasure to receive those nice envelopes!
All the way from Malaysia.. a big, fun parcel from Fiona!

And these went out:

Knitting patterns for Lisa

Vintage playing cards for Claudia
Happy letterwriting!
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