maandag 10 februari 2014

The cabinet

My cabinet, also known as my happy corner in the house, is filled with vintage treasures. Actually, they're treasures to me, some might only see them as old silly toys..
My bf calls it an organised mess :)
Guess you can say it's a bit of a mess in the cabinet and i really should re-organise everything and maybe leave some of the things out of it, but help!! I'm so bad at throwing things away.
I think i'll keep the organised mess for a bit longer!

7 opmerkingen:

merula zei

weggooien kan altijd nog, lekker zo laten hoor!

emmel-prutsemieke zei

Ik heb die rode wachtertjes op de tweede foto ook, niets wegdoen hoor daar krijg je sowieso spijt van

Anoniem zei

i shall say it's a beautiful mess!
if you decide to throw away things
can i be the trash bin, hahaha! :)

wideeyedtree zei

Wow! What a collection!

Mina zei

Oh I know how that feels.. I am a notorious collector as well. Your collection looks like in a beautiful store though - are you still thinking about opening that vintage store? You should! I'll bring lots of customers!

A Room of One's Own zei

such an inspirational blog! I love it!

Katyha zei

it is gorgeous...definitely not old silly toys. I have a spot in my wardrobe where I stash my wooden toys, luckily no one sees hehe ;)

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