vrijdag 27 september 2013


Our holiday in France was once again so great, every year i'm loving the place more and more..
We saw so many beautiful old villages, had the best weather ever and just enjoyed every single minute. Didn't they say pictures tell more than a thousand words?
I totally agree with that so here are some of our first week,
week 2 will follow later.
Oh, just one more thing, i'm in love with Roussillon, the red village!
I think i want to live there :)

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Lisa zei

Ik wil meer vakantieeeeeeee, 't ziet er héérlijk uit! En je kaartje, ondertussen al lang gekregen maar beter laat dan nooit: merci!

Ps. Er ligt hier al 2 weken een brief te wachten om naar jou te worden opgestuurd, maar ik vergeet het al een hele tijd.

Heidi. zei

Oh, I can feel the warmth even now! Looks so lovely! What does the text in last pic mean? (I knowwhat Sylvie means, but the other words ;)

Anoniem zei

tre tre jolie!
beautiful colors!
great place!

wide-eyed-tree zei

beautiful! I can understand that you want to live there!

Heidi. zei

I read youe answer but managed somehow to delete the whole post you wrote it to ;)

Alicia zei

:) Nice!
I like the postcard you sent to Claudia!

Melissa zei

ziet er echt leuk uit!

Give-away time @The Mind of an exchange

Lily zei

Beautiful France!

Mette zei

I love France. My husband and I will go there for one week next Saturday. Where in France did you go...?

Merissa Revestir zei

Wow! It's like a dream!!! I want to go there too!!!

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