zaterdag 2 april 2011

Retro finds

After a long winter and lots of indoor flea markets, it was such a pleasure to go to an open air flea market again!! I found some nice things but this post isn't about those. Some weeks ago there was a "retro day" in the local thriftstores, lots of visitors on a day like that, but i managed to find some treasures anyway!! (thanx to bf who helped spotting the interesting stuff!)

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LouBee Crafts zei

I remember I had one of those record players when I was a child! One of the tunes was 'How Much Is That Doggy in the Window'. How it!
Sarah x

Anoniem zei

and now she can play het for boelie woelie:)

Mi Joya zei

Oh how funny you still remember one of the songs! Another one is about 'Humpty Dumpty'!!
And it's working good so i'm happy as a child ;-)

Hihi, Boelie Woelie will love it, i'm sure!

lotte janssens zei

wat mooi allemaal, dat platenspelertje is echt fantastisch

Mdmslle. zei

Oh what lovely cups & jars you found! You're such a lucky one!

Mi Joya zei

dankjewel & thank you!! :)

Dyantha zei

Wauuuw, fantastische spullen! goed gevonden :)

Mi Joya zei

Dankuwel Dyantha!!x

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