donderdag 31 maart 2011

Exciting news!!

Last weekend i got the most exciting news i could imagine!! My bestie is pregnant again & she and her hubby asked me if i wanna be the godmother. She made this scrap-board-thingy with the sweetest words on it to ask me. I'm so honoured and happy!! I'm calling the baby "boelie woelie" for now and my name will be "auntie vie" :-) Boelie woelie is planned for september 13th, so that gives me time enough to keep working on the owl-project, which has to be finished by that date! Here's a little sneak peek...

2 opmerkingen:

Mina zei

Oh, so exciting! You busy bee!
This will turn out adorable, I am sure of it.

Congratulations again! <3

Mi Joya zei

Thank you Mina!
I can't wait to see them all together!

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