maandag 25 april 2011


Our little Marie got her surgery on friday (sterilization). But while the vet was operating she noticed something was wrong with Marie's stomach so she took care of that too, sooner or later she'd get troubles with it anyway. But that meant a bigger cut and also a bigger impact on the healing process. So our little Marie lies on our bed (i know.... not healthy, not hygienic... blah blah!! I love my pets too much!) since friday evening, and she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps some more! I can't wait till she makes her funny moves again cause i don't like seeing her like this. But she's been eating good so that's a good start....

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend! In Belgium it was a sunny one!!

5 opmerkingen:

the dutch purple rabbit zei

geef madam een extra aai over haar bollus van me.

Mi Joya zei

Dat komt in orde! ;-)

LouBee Crafts zei

Ah bless! Shes gorgeous, hope she gets well soon! Has been beautiful in Britain too.

Take care
Sarah x

Anoniem zei

en hier zijn die supperfoto"s terug!
gelukkig is ze alweer levendiger en speelser ondertussen!

Mi Joya zei

Sarah, she's doing a lot better already! The old Marie is coming back ;-)

Anoniempje ;-) Nog eventjes en ze huppelt weer vrolijk rond zoals voordien!!!

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