maandag 4 maart 2013

Happy mail

 As many of you, i've been hit by the flu too. After a few weeks of being really tired the whole day, no matter how many hours in bed, this is the first day i believe i'm feeling more wide-awake! It might have something to do with a sunny morning too.. This is my favourite time of the year i think, birds are singing, first warmth of the sun, new freckles, first drinks on our terrace...oh and not to forget all the plants that are sprouting!!

Some time ago this beautiful mail arrived in my mailbox, coming from dear Claudia! She makes the most wonderful stamps (and not only that, she's a great knitter too!!), look at those insects & birds!
Always a little party to receive, thank you!!

This orange parcel went to Barbara, you can read more about it here!
And these cute nostalgic keychains i've ordered at Merula's shop! They remember me so much of my childhood :)

I've been home alone the last couple of days, bf is on a snowboardtrip with the guys! He's coming home tomorrow! Yay!!

Have a good & healthy week!

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Mw Ekster zei

Fijn om te horen dat je weer beter voelt! Niks is zo erg als een vaatdoek voelen. Ik ben dol op de stempels, wat zijn ze moooi!

Hier schijnt de zon weer, heeeeeeerlijk! Fijne dag!

**Chantal** Forms and Finds zei

Awww ziek zijn is no fun! Goed te horen dat je je alweer wat fitter voelt. Oh en die sleutelhangers zijn echt super leuk! :) Mooie nieuwe week. :D


Fijn dat je je weer wat beter voelt!
Ik heb ook zo,n leuke sleutelhanger van Merula!!

Mdmslle. zei

It is true, everyone's ill and sick these days! But fleamarket season will start soon, so I hope you will recover soon!

Anoniem zei

happy march sylvie!
quick, quick recovery to you dear!
and beautiful mail from claudia!

Mina zei

Oh no, you too! This flu is really traveling far. But at the same time, it somehow connects us all!
I can't wait to see your garden one day, it has always amazed me.
Get well soon! <3

wide-eyed-tree zei

Seems noone is able to escape. What a nasty flu! Best wishes for you!

Camila Faria zei

YAY to happy mail!!! I love your adorable keychains. ♥

Heidi. zei

I got your sweet mail yesterday! Thank you so much! You're so thoughtful!

Kim zei

Wat een toeval!! lucky nr 89 :D

Leuke postpakketjes (prachtige stempel!) en fijn dat je je weer iets beter voelt
We hebben hier ook de mazzel elke griep die er is te pakken te krijgen (het is gewoon tijd voor wat zon!)

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