woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Happy mail

Another letter of dear Claudia arrived, always a little party in my mailbox cause i love her illustrations and she spoiled me with some of her postcards, thank you!

Did you know today is Day Of The Post? We should all sent eachother more handwritten letters, they are still the best and have so much more personality than  internet mails!

Do you write letters?

7 opmerkingen:

Heidipiste zei

I knew it's Post Day today,only in Finland it's called the stamp day. I bought some beautiful stamps yesterday...
I just loooove Claudia's stamps! (hmmm... the same word with different meaning) :)

wideeyedtree zei


Unknown zei

Yes. I write letters! For world post day, I sent out 7 letters and 3 packages! ;-)

Mi Joya zei

Yay @ Sulieen!! The world is a better place with lots of letters in it!

Lily zei

I send letters, but lately I pürefer to paint or sew than to write. So I sent birdies and bags on their way these days. :-)

Anoniem zei

what a pretty letter from claudia :)
reminds me that i want to send you a letter too dear :))

Mette zei

Snailmail is so good! Lovely cards.

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