maandag 3 mei 2010

9 Things I Love!

I'm still at home with my knee that bents like i'm already 90 years old...
The weather feels a bit like autumn so perfect timing to list some of my favorite things!

1. I LOVE love love yummy goodies! You name a pie and i'll be all "MMMmmmmmmmm"!!I'm always in for a little (or big!) tea/coffee party with cake, pie, pancakes, waffles, chocolate,..
The cake on this pic is a masterpiece made by my friend the pie-queen! :>

2. Cats.... I'm 33 years old and always i've had cats around me! There isn't a creature in the whole world i like/love more than cats. Right now, i've got 4 of them. I've always said if i'd win the lottery i'd buy a home to stock all the straycats in!! And give them loads of love & food!

3. Stands for the sun!! I'm defenitely a summer-person! I feel reborn when i travel to sunny places or when spring begins. I think i was born in the wrong country & moving to a warmer area crossed my mind more than once... who knows, maybe sometime in the future i'll have the guts to make my dream come true...

4. These crayons are a symbol for creativity. I love it & i have to be able to create something or i don't feel good. I went to art school first, then studied photography, i try to be creative with the kids at work, and now i get my share with the jewelry-thing! I wonder what will be up next...

5. Friendship!! Very very very & even more important! Friends make my life complete, especially the good ones that are there in happy times but also sad times! I still remember my dad always telling me "you wait & see, when you'll be big, you'll probably only need 1 hand to count your good friends, or maybe if you're lucky, max 2!" And he was right. The older you get, the clearer it gets who's true and who isn't. Also, some friends are here to stay, some come & dissapear again... that's life i guess. I'm thankful for the ones i have and all the crazy times we get to share!

6. France!! I'm a traveller, love going to here and there and discover new places. But the one place i keep going back to is France. It seems to have everything i search for in a holiday. Nature, good weather, mountains, sea, lovely villages with lots of cozy terraces, flea markets,... In fact, in little more than a week, i''ll be there again! Yay!

7. My favorite color!! Green!

8. Music is my way of living... I'm listening to music from the moment i wake up in the morning. I got a very wide taste of music and like lots of different styles. The one thing i truly hate are "schlagers"!! If you don't know it, that's probably a good thing ;-)

9. Owls, as for me they always remind me of fairytales, and i love those! When i was a kid i'd have given all my toys away to be the "real" Alice in Wonderland!! But also an owl cause owls look so pretty and smart and wise! I'm addicted to tees with owl-prints on or jewelry with owls!!

1. Cherry Chocolate Yumminess, 2. le chat du gîte, 3. b2643_1_2: Warmed by the Setting Sun, 4. Color My World, 5. _旅行 的意義Ⅳ × 我們的紀念。, 6. Autumn sun, 7. beads, 8. old lovely radio, 9. You again?

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