donderdag 27 mei 2010

I am back!

We had a lovely time in France! Everything needed for a good holiday was there...
- Good compagny
- Sun
- Lots of beautiful nature, lots of different greens
- Yummy baguettes & croissants
- Cosy terraces to drink our daily coffee & watch everything that happens around us
- Too much nice shops with too much nice stuff (very bad for the wallet)
- Flea markets
- Cats
- Olives
- A pile of books that have been waiting months to be read, same for lots of magazines
- Friendly faces saying "bonjour" all the time
- Being able to wear flip flops, shorts & a tee again
- The best pizzas ever, baked on real fire
- A sky filled with an innumerable amount of stars
- And so much more!!!

Some images...

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