zaterdag 10 juli 2010


I love surprises!! Well, the nice ones that is...
Last week i was all happy faces after receiving some unexpected presents!!

The kids gave me selfmade pretty kids art & their mom surprised me with a polkadotted apron... yay! (i think i'll have to bake her something yummy now!)

3 opmerkingen:

Mina zei

Oh, I love that apron! There's nothing like dashing around the kitchen in style.
Let me know if you'll need any recipes, we should swap some! <3

Mi Joya zei

Hai there!
I'm planning on baking in september, when all is peace & quiet again... Soooo yes you can pass me some of those yummy recipes!
I still need to bake my first pie so no recipe here yet...

Mina zei

Oh I am still fighting with the perfect shortcrust pastry (we call it "Mürbeteig", if that helps?). So far it's always been too soft and mushy. But maybe you're with more luck! Can't wait to see pretty pics of that!

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