maandag 27 juni 2011

Lucky clovers

We all need some lucky clovers now and then, right?

Some time ago, i got a little bag with seeds in the thriftstore cause i gave them some stuff i didn't want anymore. And look at them now, such a beautiful green and every day a bit bigger!

One thing though.. my cats seem to like the clovers too!! I spotted them a few times already eating from my plants! I moved the plant out of their reach which hopefully won't affect them...

I'm sending you all some lucky clovers!!

1 opmerking:

Mina zei

Oh so adorable, I love your lucky clover! It's a lot more delicate than mine.
And I know all about cats eating the things we try to grow... Mada has been eating half of my summery field flowers. I had planned to make a little flower bouquet with it, but there's nothing left. Hope your clover will survive! <3

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