vrijdag 20 april 2012

Happy mail

Oh oh.. Blogger surprised me with the new lay out  this morning and i'm already totally confused!!Help!! This looks so weird... Oh well, let's just go for it and see what will come out of it :) Don't shoot me if it looks strange!

I've said it before and i will mention it again, this blogworld has brought me some wonderful new friends, so great to see all the same minded people find eachother here through our blogs..
I've received some lovely mail the latest months, i can't get enough of it!

When i entered Vibeke's snail mail swap some months ago i had to write Heidi in Finland, exciting cause Heidi doesn't have a blog which could tell me more about her interests! We wrote eachother and when i got her letter it felt good. And some weeks ago a second letter of her arrived, i was smiling when i was reading it cause we seem to have quite some things in common, so i think a beautiful pen pal friendship might be born!! Love it :)
Heidi, if you're reading this: i'm writing you back soon!
And for the others, here's what she sent me...

7 opmerkingen:

**Chantal** Forms and Finds zei

Leuk hè, ouderwets post ontvangen op de deurmat. Fijne dingetjes heb je daar weer! Over dat blauwe poppetje van mij: die komt van Tin Star Company, en NL website. Ik heb net even gekeken, maar die grote in 1 kleur verkopen ze nu niet. Alleen gestreepte of kleintjes in 1 kleur.... Goed weekend alvast! *hugs*

Heidi zei

So kind words from you! Many, many thanks!

Bonjour Juliette zei

Oooh i just discovered your blog and it makes me want to swap mail with you too! Can i can i can i?
I SO love snail mail, sending it and receiving it as well....
I'd be very happy!
Your world makes me smile ***

wideeyedtree zei

Oh yes, I had also this blogger change some time ago.

You got some pretty mail. Love the vintage picture!

Marlou zei

wat ontzettend leuk! grappig dat zulke fijne briefvriendschappen eigenlijk zo toevallig kunnen ontstaan :)

Janina - Elke dag zaterdag zei

Wat leuk! Ik hou ook zo van echte post, zo fijn om een mooi pakketje te ontvangenof versturen!

Mi Joya zei

Lang leve mooie brieven in onze brievenbussen!!

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