woensdag 15 augustus 2012

You've got mail!

As a teenager, writing & receiving postcards from holiday destinations was a must! I remember my mom was always surprised by the amount of postcards that arrived.
These days i still love to write & receive postcards, times have changed though, lots of people prefer to announce their destinations on the world wide web...
What a shame!
Luckily some people are just as old fashioned as myself, here are some pretty cards i found in my mailbox lately!!

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**Chantal** zei

Ik ontvang een tijdje geleden ook een heel leuk vakantie kaartje van iemand uit België....hahahaha. Was echt een leuke verrassing van jou. :)

Mooie kaartjes! Die met dat uiltje, NICE! En ik zie een heel schattig ezeltje. Maar hij/zij heeft toch geen broekje aan hè?! :(

Fijne donderdag!! X


Heerlijk he kaartjes krijgen!!

studio meez zei

Ik vind dat mail gedoe ook zo jammer. Lange leven goede ouderwetse post!

Elisse zei

Ooooh die met die katjes! En dat uiltje! En die thank you! Heel schoon, toffe kaartjes!

wide-eyed-tree zei

The lake is not so near actually, it is one and a half hour car ride away. The swimming pools here are also awfully crowded, I actually stopped going there, it is too much! How far is the sea away from your home?

Lady Kay zei

Hi! I was wondering, do you think you might be up for a new pal? I just stumbled across your blog and it's great! you sound like a neat person! I'm 21, female, Californian, quirky, and creative!

Shoot me an email if interested?

- Kendra

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