woensdag 12 december 2012

Winner giveaway!

Here i am... A day too late, to announce the winner!
I asked my bf for a number and he first gave me '6' but that's Bo and we decided to do a swap so i asked him for another one...
Number 3! And that's Lorecreatief!! Congratulations Lore! You can mail me your address here: sylwat@hotmail.com
To all the others: thank you for participating!

*Lisbon was great, we had good times, days went by too quickly!
*I got this annoying pain in my back since this morning, i hope it will disappear soon :(
*I didn't start writing christmascards yet, although i always tell myself to start early with this cause i like to write personal messages and that takes more time...
*Found pretty mail in my mailbox from Mette, Severien and also a letter from sweet Heidi, thank you ladies!!

* This pretty big christmas decoration cheered up Lisbon at night! I love it!

6 opmerkingen:

Lorecreatief zei

Oh wat super! Ik mail je mijn adres :-))
Mooie kerstbol daar in Lissabon, erg bijzonder!

Mars zei

Woooow wat een grote kerstbal daar! Gefeliciteerd voor Lore!

Anoniem zei

hahaha! i was number 6! :*

this giant ornament is very nice!

merula zei

oe een mooi blog en ook nog een shoppie! :)

wide-eyed-tree zei

congratulations to the winner!

merula zei

fijn dat je de sleutelhangers al in huis hebt! Betaling is vast goed (ahum ik kan even niet internet bankieren ben mn login naam kwijt.... ahum. slim he ;)

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