maandag 20 mei 2013


Time for some news.. it's been a while!

We've been back from Thailand for more than a week now and the enthusiasm for blogging is missing... We've had such a great time, and yes! Since i'm back i've been feeling homesick..
So many great things there to long to, nature, weather, friendly people, yummy food & shakes, oh and not to forget: 'Odette'tje the cat' ♥ (we became friends right the moment we met and she even slept in our bungalow and i bought catfood for her!)
On top of it, the weather here has been terrible most of the days which made it even worse..

Soo only one thing left to do, make plans for next year  and in the meanwhile look a lot at our pictures :)


10 opmerkingen:

wide-eyed-tree zei

I can imagine that being back is kind of hard after such a holiday! Wonderful pictures!

merula zei

ow ik snap meteen waarom je terug wilt hoor! Mooie foto's


Wauw ik snap het ook!!
Mooie foto,s

Heidi. zei

Oh, I'll send you a little bitof summery sunshine from here, so it'll feel a bit better for you to be at home again. Lovely holiday photos!
With hugs, Heidi

**Chantal** Forms and Finds zei

Hee jullie zijn dus weer thuis! Wat een fijne fotootjes heb je gemaakt. En oh gussie, ik zou ook met extra moeite weggaan als ik daar een nieuw dierenvriendje had, wat een leuk koppie. Jullie hebben het zeker onwijs super gehad daar. Fijn hoor! Ja idd de blog blues, gewoon geen inspiratie. Maar we zijn nog druk met het kamertje voor ons meisje dus later daar vast weer fotootjes van. Een mooie week verder ondanks het verdrietige weer. :( x

Anoniem zei

welcome back sylvie!
what a magical place!
and the kitty is amazing pretty!
wish you will travel again soon dear!

Mdmslle. zei

Thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Sylvie! It is hard, but we will make it. That's how life goes and we have to remember all the lovely times we spent together! Have a great weekend!

Fiona zei

awww Odette'tje the cat is a cutie and so sweet you bought her food, I love finding travel kitties!

lauren, curious constellation zei

Homesickness can be really tough, I hope you're feeling a bit better soon!

Mdmslle. zei

So beautiful! I am ready to go again! Thank you so much for your lovely mail and have you a wonderful weekend, dear Sylvie!

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