donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Lisboa, i love you!

My number one on my list of favourite cities! I knew it the first time i was there, and it was proved again last week! Lisbon feels a bit like home & there's always something new that surprises me around every corner or every little alley you walk into...
Some things that make me happy there... There's sun! Lots of sun! Artsy peeps around! Shops, shops & more shops! Historical buildings! Lots of lovely terraces and good places to eat a descent but cheap meal! The beach is around the corner! Same for the mountains! A huge flea market twice a week: heaven for me! Lots of old stuff around everywhere! Yummy cakes & desserts everywhere! Starbucks! Good vibes! Oh did i mention good weather yet??

Bf & i decided we need more of this city so i think there's a new trip coming soon :-)
Check for yourself!!

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