vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

T is for treasures!

Old treasures that is!
I've spent a lot of time lately on all sorts of flea markets, inside dusty fully packed shops or at the local thriftshops. Or even better... browsing secondhand sites while being lazy in my sofa!!
My friend in crime & myself decided we have to start collecting certain old things cause what a shame for all the beautiful stuff that ends up in the garbage!
So now we're collecting vintage mugs, matrouschka's, old pencils and basically everything we like..
I think bf might be going nuts soon..

2 opmerkingen:

pimpernell zei

Die eerste kadertjes zijn echt wel prachtig!!!!!

Mi Joya zei

Danku!! Stonden hier in een oude legerstock in de buurt aan - 70%!! Dus die waren echt wel een batje :-)

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