zondag 19 december 2010


I've been following Ingrid's blog for some months now. Every day i'm curious to see what beautiful pics will be there, what she'll have come up with now (she's creative!) or if she found new vintage treasures... As if all this isn't enough, she's also too good for this world! Every week she's doing a swap with one or a few of her readers! I love the whole swapping idea and some weeks ago i got lucky!! Yay! And oh what a nice surprise to find the package in my mailbox!
The stuff inside couldn't have been more perfect! As if Ingrid knew me...
There were beautiful vintage postcards, a 1969-teatowel, 2 of Ingrid's selfmade paper birds but what made my day was the wooden doll! Love at first side, and now she's showing off between my other wooden dolls!
Ingrid, thanx again, your generosity is really appreciated! As can be read on your blog... ingthings brighten up my day :-)

3 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Wat lief van je! dank je, fijne kerstdagen..

Mi Joya zei

Graag gedaan Ingrid!

Hermine - Journal de jours zei

Oh, dat popje is echt prachtig !

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