vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Tea time!!

Anyone fancy some tea?
I've got a weak spot for teapots. When i see a nice one in the thriftstore or on a flea market, i just have to have it! I might need a bigger kitchen soon...

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the dutch purple rabbit zei

sound familiar

Dutch Apple zei

Hej! Fijn dat de spulletjes goed aangekomen zijn :-)
Wat een mooie collectie Retro Theepotten heb je daar zeg! Prachtig :-)


Mi Joya zei

Ja, het is sterker dan mezelf... kan er nooit aan weerstaan als ik ergens een leuke zie blinken! Maar! Ze worden ook wel acht gebruikt, dus dat maakt al iets goed hé ;-)

Groetjes terug!

Mina zei

Oh so adorable! I've got such a weak spot for teapots as well. And cake platters. Mhmm, time for a proper "Kaffeekränzchen", as we say!

Heidi zei

I just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it. The teapots are gorgeous and so are your pics. I am looking forward to your future postings. Have a great week!...Greetings from the US.....Heidi

Mi Joya zei

Mina, we should go hunting together... searching for the right old teapots!! I'm still searching for the perfect cake platter, didn't come across a good one yet! "Kaffeekränzchen" sounds almost as we call it: "koffiekransje"!!

Hey there Heidi! Thank you for liking my blog, it's always nice to hear good things... I love to take pictures, so there's lots more on the way!! Have a good monday, lots of belgian greetings back! Sylvie :)

Marla Kellman zei

These are great finds, they look as though they are new! Love'em. I'm also crazy for sea sets. When I was a teen I used to cross stitch them all over mom's dish towels. She didn't mind. lol

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